Monday, May 13, 2013

Motorcycle Cheese - Piracaia

We've been renting a house at a friend's large tree farm for five years now. It's about three hours from São Paulo, the last stretch being tough on the nerves and the tush--dirt road with exposed rock and careening trucks full of cut eucalyptus trees.

For the last couple of years we've notice a little sign by the side of the road that reads "Verduras" or Greens. We finally stopped a few weeks ago and found this little shack (pictured) with crates full of fresh vegetables and greens.  Escarole, lettuce, okra, tomatoes, wonderful fresh veggies.

This time a motorcycle with a cooler on the back pulled up as we were completing our purchases. The biker opened up the cooler and showed us several fresh cheeses that he was selling. No labels, no ingredients, just the freshest cheese. We bought several.

As we left the dirt driveway to drive on to the farm, there was a man just coming out of the vegetable rows opposite...with a wheelbarrow full of  lettuce. It doesn't get any closer to the farm than that (unless of course you own one!)

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