Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little Yellow School Bus - São Paulo

This is an intersection close to my house. I took this photo for two reasons: one for the electric wire chaos (for which I need a whole other blog to explore this ugliness)  and the other for the yellow school bus. See it? Yes, it's that dark van with the yellow stripe that says "Escolar" (Scholastic).

At around 7-9 am, 11 am - 1 pm and 5 pm - 6 pm, this city is awash with these dark vans with the yellow stripes. There are small ones for 7 or so kids and bigger ones that must fit 15. These are the only school buses there are here (unless you are on the sports teams for some of the richer private schools). Beware the school bus driver as well; they are universally aggressive about getting into your lane and in getting those kids where they need to be on time. Many of them have a driver and a chaperone who pops out with the kids at the apartment buildings and houses where they live. Many also have child seats for younger children--something you don't find on the USA's big yellow school buses.

Regarding the wires, they make me dizzy. There are some intersections that are so spider-webbed that I pity any bird who makes the mistake of trying to find a spot to land and sing a little. In just about any photo of the city that you will see on this page, you will notice the chaos of the wires. Imagine how endless and beautiful the sky would be without them. Nope, I can't even imagine.

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